Benjamin Silver is a fictional character featured in Luther.

Background Edit

Benjamin, referred to as Benny, is originally from Northern Ireland. He is a past associate of DCI John Luther and sometimes helps him on cases.

Benny's hobbies include smoking marijuana and playing World of Warcraft. He appears to be a fan of progressive rock, as he mentions that he listens to the English prog-rock band King Crimson.

Appearances Edit

Benny first appears in S01E03, in which he comes to Hobb Station at Luther's request. He is initially worried about being arrested, as he was smoking marijuana shortly before arriving, but Luther tells him not to worry. He sets to work trying to identify a group of girls that assaulted Mark North and later finds that they were hired by Alice Morgan.

He appears in both S01E04 and S01E05, in which he uses his technological experience to help Luther with cases.

He appears again in Series Two, however he has been hired on as a full time member of the Serious and Serial Unit. He continues to use his technological expertise to help solve cases.