Emma Lambert is a fictional character featured in Luther: The Calling.


Emma Lambert was the daughter of Tom and Sarah Lambert after many tries to have a child. After he had killed her parents, Henry Madsen cut open Sarah Lambert and extracted Emma with the intention of claiming her for his daughter as he had done with Patrick aka Adrian York, whom he had kidnapped at the age of 6. Taking her to his home, Henry gave her a bedroom he had gone to great lengths to decorate. He tries to take care of her, but she falls ill and dies. Henry dumps her in a graveyard in St. Pancras. Because she had yet to be born naturally, it's unknown what Tom or Sarah would've named her, so she's known as Emma because Henry Madsen kidnapped her.


Emma appears in Luther: The Calling, and was for a time the sole survivor of the family who were murdered by Henry Madsen. He tried to care for her, but she died. She was mentioned for the first time in the first episode of Luther.

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