This is a page which delves in to the metaphors, symbolism and any deep layers of meaning within Luther itself.




DCI Luther
  • Selflessness (Flyprints)
  • Avenger of the dead, Zoe said "You care more about the dead than the living"
  • Love


Series Episode Scene Symbolism
1 1 Luther is knived by Alice Knife represents love. Luther's smile even when being prodded by the knife demonstrates to Alice that though love is painful, it can be endured.
1 1

Luther retaliates by forcing Alice back so that she is leaning over the bridge

The scene compares to baptism, where converts are laid back in to the waters and re-emerged as a "new individual" with past sins forgiven. This was a watershed moment in Alice's life, where through Luther, she sees how pitiful she has been in her worldview, killing her parents and how the basic way Luther lives, through love, is the most intelligent way.

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