Series Two: Episode 2 is the second episode of Luther, Series Two.


Luther must rescue Ripley, abducted by Cameron, in time to prevent Cameron's final murderous set piece. But Jenny's ruthless and vengeful boss is demanding compensation for stealing her protege.

Luther enlists the help of Mark to keep Jenny out of the hands of the boss. However, he is called in by Caroline for a meeting, and finds the boss waiting with plenty of armed muscle and a man called Toby Kent, who needs a 'favour'. What he doesn't know yet is that he is being recorded.

Luther is forced into getting the information of a man called Andrei Kolchak from witness protection, and strong arms him into changing his statement on crimes committed by Toby.

Meanwhile Ripley continues to get tortured by Cameron, whose need for attention makes him call the police department to engage in a dialogue with John, who chooses to ignore him, while Ripley screams in the background.

An annoyed Cameron then puts a plastic bag over Ripley's head and leaves him to die, while continuing with his plan for his big spectacle.

The team bring in a former cell-mate of Cameron's, who is coerced by Schenk into revealing all the materials he has provided the criminal with, including a second hand bus and a van.

Cameron uses the bus to abduct school children, whose mobile phones he then leaves on the scene as he abandons the bus and shifts the children to his van.

Ripley meanwhile escapes and contacts the team, with John coming to pick him up. Whilst there, they check the GPS on Cameron's car and discover that he has made plenty of trips to an abandoned facility and then chase after him as he continues his plan to execute the children.


In Order of Appearance:

  • DCI John LutherIdris Elba
  • DSU Martin Schenk - Dermot Crowley
  • DS Erin Gray - Nikki Amuka-Bird
  • DS Justin Ripley - Warren Brown
  • Cameron Pell - Lee Ingleby
  • Benny "Deadhead" Silver - Micheal Smiley
  • Jenny Jones - Aimee-Ffion Edwards
  • Mark North - Paul McGann
  • Caroline Jones - Kierston Wareing
  • Baba - Pam Ferris
  • Frank Hodge - Alan Williams
  • Toby Kent - David Dawson
  • Paul Hoby - Brett Fancy
  • Andrei Kolchak - John Albasiny
  • Boothe - Jamie Martin
  • Wilson - Keeley Forsyth
  • Ronald Bryson - Nigel Cooke
  • Tim - Jamie Glover
  • Alice Morgan - Ruth Wilson


  • The song at the end is "Flash" by Joan As Police Woman


  • 5.2 million