Series Two: Episode 3 is the third episode of Luther, Series Two.


Luther leaves Jenny in his flat to investigate an incident at a service station where a man with a baseball bat killed one motorist,maimed another and destroyed their cars. From CCTV footage it appears that he was rolling dice to select victims. The same man later enters an office disguised as a motor-cycle courier and kills five more people before Luther arrests him though in custody he refuses to speak. As Luther returns home to find that Jenny has killed Toby Kent after his attempted rape of her the dice man's exact double prepares another outrage.


In Order of Appearance:

  • Robert Milberry - Steven Robertson
  • Sally Thomas - Golda Rosheuvel
  • Adewale Omotso - Babou Ceesay
  • Steve Kimble - James Puddephatt
  • Depak Chandrapal - Hamza Jeetooa
  • Jenny Jones - Aimee-Ffion Edwards
  • DCI John Luther - Idris Elba
  • DS Justin Ripley - Warren Brown
  • DS Erin Gray - Nikki Amuka-Bird
  • Toby Kent - David Dawson
  • Frank Hodge - Alan Williams
  • Benny "Deadhead" Silver - Micheal Smiley
  • DSU Martin Schenk - Dermot Crowley
  • Caroline Jones - Kierston Wareing
  • Nicholas Millberry - Steven Robertson


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to be added

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