Series Two: Episode 4 is the fourth and last episode of Luther, Series Two.


The random killings are being made by twins, one in jail and one still on the loose. It is up to Luther to capture or kill the twin. Meanwhile, he must try to keep Jenny's ex-boss from discovering Toby's death and his own colleagues from discovering his activities.


In Order of Appearance:

  • Nicholas Millberry - Steven Robertson
  • Richard Gardiner - Jamie Richards
  • Jenny Jones - Aimee-Ffion Edwards
  • DCI John Luther - Idris Elba
  • Toby Kent - David Dawson
  • DS Justin Ripley - Warren Brown
  • DS Erin Gray - Nikki Amuka-Bird
  • DSU Martin Schenk - Dermot Crowley
  • Benny "Deadhead" Silver - Micheal Smiley
  • Robert Millberry - Steven Robertson
  • Frank Hodge - Alan Williams
  • Baba - Pam Ferris
  • Caroline Jones - Kierston Wareing
  • DCS Linda Carroway - Ellie Haddington
  • Joe Shepherd - Stephen Boxer


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